Friday, 28 October 2011

Ode to Autumn

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Considering November is almost upon us, time is running out to make mention of something I observed about a month ago: everyone looks good in autumn.

It's not that I spend the rest of the year criticising people's clothing, but whilst out enjoying an afternoon drink with my husband a few weekends ago I couldn't stop commenting on how well put-together passers-by looked. It was one of those golden days - crisp but not cold, the kind of day that needs layers but no coat. What I really loved was the variety and originality of both men and women: grandad-inspired caradigans with schoolgirl tights, bold block colours and soft knits. People seem more inclined to experiment when the weather allows for a few more items and accessories, and at the same time the final outfit doesn't end up being obscured by a massive coat.

Autumn is also more inclusive than a season like summer. Summer marketing seems geared towards making people (perhaps women in particular?) go to war with their bodies. Autumn makes allowances for a less than impossibly 'perfect' physique, letting us wrap up in ways that emphasise the best and show a little cosy kindness towards the rest.

Here's hoping the fun and freedom of autumn dressing lasts long into the seasons to come.

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