Tuesday, 8 November 2011

TV Treats

Promotional Image for BBC programme "Mixed Britannia" from the BBC Mixed Race Season
(used with permission)

TV, in our house, is often something that just happens. We consciously choose to put on a range of DVDs but we very rarely intentionally switch on the TV for anything. In recent weeks, though, there have been a couple of actually really special moments curled up in front of the flat-screen.

One was the accidental discovery of the BBC Mixed Race Season. As one half of a mixed race couple, it's amazing how often that's not on my mind. But I have occasionally wondered what our children's experience of growing up might be in contrast to mine - whether they'll be more curious about certain aspects of their racial heritage than I was, whether I'll have any answers for them. The one programme  we watched together from the series was food for thought, and there was something satisfying about switching off the TV afterwards and feeling slightly more intelligent than before.

The other gem has been watching BBC One Frozen Planet. Again, we caught it by accident at first but this time we were sufficiently hooked to come back for more. For me, the beauty of the programme is threefold at least. Number one is obviously the stunning scenery - being confronted by the sheer glory of such an unattainable environment is a privilege that puts lots of things into perspective. Number two is the strength, bravery and creative genius of the team responsible for such an incredible documentary. Number three is just being a part of it all: this is our world - nature and humanity, and - for those on the look out -  maybe even a glimpse of 'the invisible hand of God': the something more that takes us beyond ourselves in awe.

I find it really nice to think that in addition to TV being a distraction (positive or negative), it can also be something that really engages us and leaves us a little  more enriched.

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