Sunday, 4 December 2011

Peace on Earth

There are days when, for whatever reason, exhaustion starts to set in but without a let-up in pace. This week was like that for me, but dipping into Red magazine in my lunch break gave me an unexpected lift. The  magazine's December issue gives a lot of consideration to balancing busy-ness and making space to be appreciative and/or recharge. Although this theme is covered in several sections throughout the issue, I think on this occasion I was reading the profiles in 'Peace on Earth', feeling particularly captivated by Bridget Harrison's description of how surfing bats back her worries and work stresses:

"When taking on the sea, all else is washed away by the roar of cold salty water, under your board, in your ears, on your skin, over your head."

Swept up in the spirit of the article I left the office and went for a walk in the nearby park. It was one of the more winterish days November has offered so far, and taking photos on a brisk walk in the bracing wind worked wonders for my mood. 

Reading about other people's rejuvenating habits, from surfing (above) to dipping into the calm of an old-fashioned book shop ("Once I closet myself among the books, the stress falls away" - Manuela Moollan, also profiled in 'Peace on Earth'), I loved being reminded to make fulfilling moments happen and that  we can all take responsibility for crafting some sort of satisfaction out of the most basic of materials.

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