Monday, 19 December 2011

Fantastic Failure

This is an extract from 'The Word for Today'* that I loved and found encouraging:

If you refuse to quit when you fail, you'll ultimately succeed. You just have to be willing to get back up and keep moving forward.

In 1832 Abraham Lincoln was defeated for the State Legislature.
In 1833 he failed in business.
In 1835 his sweetheart died.
In 1836 he had a nervous breakdown.
In 1838 he was defeated for Illinois House Speaker.
In 1843 he was defeated for nomination to Congress.
In 1854 he was defeated for the U.S. Senate.
In 1856 he was defeated for nomination for Vice President.
In 1858 he was defeated again in a U.S. Senate race.
But today he is considered one of America's greatest presidents. 

* A magazine produced by United Christian Broadcasters with 'Encouraging Words Every Day' available to order (free) from

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