Sunday, 8 April 2012

Thank Goodness for... Wonderbag

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I was sent this link a little while ago, but found it particularly encouraging following on from conversations with friends over the weekend. For one reason or another we got on to the environment, and in particular the powerlessness and sense of hypocrisy we sometimes feel when it comes to the impact our lifestyles have. 

When our slow, incremental changes seem inadequate, it's reassuring to remember that there are also people out there who are putting all of their creative talents into developing innovative products capable of going deeper and faster. There are people who are changing the whole framework of 'the way things are done'. It's the little bit of hope that we all need to spur us on in our own contribution. We can keep going in our efforts knowing that they partner with a bigger picture and that, thanks to the visionaries and the do-ers, it might not be such a bleak one after all.

'Thank Goodness for...' 
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