Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thank Goodness for... Urban Splash

Housing is such a universal need, but manages to be a deeply personal and divisive issue at the same time. When I was introduced to Urban Splash it wasn't the swanky interiors that impressed me - it was more to do with their belief in moulding the urban environment to respond to people instead of the other way around. Or, as they put it:

"In the early days we worked with existing buildings that we fell in love with, buildings that had fallen apart and that we made better. When we ran out of buildings to convert we started to make our own. We made homes, we made offices and we made special spaces in between for people to be and do things that people do..."

Browsing through their projects, I love the thoughtfulness and imaginative energy in their work. And although I'm conscious of the fact that city centre regeneration is a complex and often imbalanced process, a part of me can't help but celebrate the idea of run down places being reinvigorated and be glad that, in the inevitable march of time and change, there are companies like Urban Splash leading the way. 
'Thank Goodness for...' 
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