Monday, 18 June 2012

Lyrical Lifelines - "Never Once" (Matt Redman)

Matt Redman - Album: 10,000 Reasons 
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Sometimes it's tricky for me to decide what to write about and why - this blog is still in its infancy, only just beginning but at the same time feeling like a transitory phase that might blow over and end at any minute. Then along comes a day like today and I remember why I'm choosing to scatter thoughts to the wind.

A day like today is one where - for whatever reason - I find myself extra hungry for inspiration and reassurance. The particular scenario this time around was work-related, but it can come at me from any angle and I'll find myself suddenly needing to be lifted out of self-preoccupation by a snapshot of someone else's experience. 

Blogs help me in that respect. Reading the beautiful thoughts of Brin Wisdom or being intrigued by insights of a famous yet familiar-feeling actress I admire sets my emotions at ease. Seeing significance in other people's ramblings helps me to stop taking myself so seriously, worry less about "getting [life] right" and be in it for the crazy ride, the completely unique and worthwhile wonder in all of the ordinary bits. Because my favourite blog posts are about the ordinary. My favourite blog posts aren't about gossip or breaking news, but about reflecting on the ordinary until its transformed into something extraordinary, something comment-worthy.

Take today. I read a blog post today that had the lyrics of "Never Once" written out in black and white. I know the song, I could hear the melody as I was reading the post. Even so, as I read it I knew that the ordinary and familiar was becoming special right before my eyes and those words were meant for me in that moment. They gave me an energy and fresh perspective on my situation that I had been incapable of mustering up in my own strength.

So I persevere in writing this blog because sometimes the internet lets me stumble across exactly what I needed to find. I write to pass that feeling on. Not because I have grand things to say, but because sometimes just by re-articulating an existing idea and putting it out there it has the potential to resonate in a fresh way with someone else.

'Lyrical Lifelines' - songs that save my world 

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