Monday, 16 July 2012

Thank Goodness for... Wise Recycling

It's not everyday that you find out about a great 'social justice' initiative while queueing up at the bank (although I guess that depends on who you bank with - a thought for another day). 

A few months ago, the logo of a local charity caught my eye while I was waiting to pay in a cheque. It was on a stack of bags that were free for anyone to take. On closer inspection, the bags turned out to be freepost recycling envelopes courtesy of Wise Recycling Ltd.

The service is simple: empty printer cartridges sent to this company are recycled, with 20% of the cartridge value being given to the charity nominated on the bag. Bags can be ordered for free on their website, which also allows you to view and select the charity you want to support. A range of charities are available and you can suggest new ones. A similar donation system applies if you purchase the printer cartridge online, or when you recycle mobile phones and foreign coins.

There are so many bits and pieces that make up the machinery of my life: from computer parts and household objects, to grooming gadgets like electric toothbrushes. When they pass their functional best, figuring out how to get rid of them is often a complete mystery to me. 

I remember, clearly, the moment in my teens when I really thought about the fact that there's no such place as 'away': when I throw things 'away' they end up in some very real place, more often than not doing some very real environmental damage.

Much to my shame, it's a realisation I still haven't fully acted on. But at least in this one tiny area there's a little bit of help, assisting me by providing a great way to both recycle and give to charity all at once. Hoorah!
'Thank Goodness for...' 
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As a 'PS': I'm starting to scratch the surface of a really interesting conversation being had by people who are cleverer and more committed than me in all things environmental. Check out talk of 'the circular economy' on the Ellen Macarthur Foundation website.

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