Monday, 3 September 2012

Lyrical Lifelines - "Clay and Water" (Margaret Becker)

Margaret Becker - Album: Falling Forward

According to her iTunes page, this artist was active in the 1980s and 1990s, but I didn't discover her until the first decade of the new millennium, rooting around in the reduced box of a Christian bookstore. My music buying strategy was fairly unsophisticated - I looked at album art, I looked at lyrics and I looked at price. Margaret Becker scored favourably on all fronts - it was only when I got the album home that I realised she was writing songs about me.

Clearly that wasn't the case, but that's definitely how it felt in the self-conscious, self-absorbed state of adolescence. Seven or eight years later, when I bought her greatest hits acoustic compilation, I found yet more songs that addressed the very crux of what living looked like for me at that stage.

I love Margaret Becker for putting brave words in my mouth, for sharing my first love and for articulating the things on my heart. And I love her for doing it with a kind of stripped back beauty - acoustic pop meets folk meets her distinctive, soaring vocals. If I ever need a hand with a little soul-searching, if I ever want to hold a moment up to the light and see what it's made of or am just craving a really, really honest encounter with Jesus, this lady is a friend indeed.

In particular, I come back to "Clay and Water" time and time again because its lyrics are a magical mixture of strength and vulnerability. The lyrics let me tell myself truths that are hard to remember and the music washes me through, making everything alright.

"I am clay and I am water
Falling forward in disorder
While the world spins round so fast
Slowly I'm becoming 
Who I am." 

'Lyrical Lifelines' - songs that save my world 

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