Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thank Goodness for... 'For Luna'

For Luna photography used with permission. Buy swimwear here.

Swimwear is a tricky beast. I can't remember when I first became self-conscious about what to wear in the pool or on the beach, but it has possibly been as long as five years since I've hit the water - a delay due in no small part to an inability to find something appropriate to wear.

In the past I've tried it all - over-sized T-shirts, tankinis, I've even contemplated boys board shorts. I've spent too much money on unworn versions of the same highstreet offerings without finding the second skin I've been looking for.

It's not that I'm uncomfortable with my body. I like its contours, I'm grateful for its functionality - it houses me well and I appreciate it. But because my body is validated by me on my own terms, I like the idea of keeping a little mystery. To my mind, modesty is one of the most attractive elements of real beauty in our hyper-sexualised society. That's why I was so excited to read the mission statement on the For Luna website when I was searching for something to wear to a special spa party:

"We take inspiration from a time 
when ladies carried themselves
 with a grace and poise which seems to have been largely lost
 in a culture where 
almost nothing is left to the imagination!"

Their designs represent liberal femininity in a new light: sophisticated, flattering silhouettes that do a great service for women looking for a little more discretion without wanting to be written off as either prudes or tomboys. 

It might not be peace-prize winning stuff, but since unwrapping the beautiful packaging my emerald green swimsuit arrived in I find I have become an absolute evangelist for this brand. Following on from feeling so secure in my skin during its first debut at the weekend, I am convinced that sixty pounds is a small price to pay for something that is well on its way to being a wardrobe cornerstone.

For Luna are doing something different. They are making women feel like it's more than okay to flatter rather than flaunt. They are making sensible sexy, and sexy subtle. They are re-writing the rules. Maybe, when set against the relentless churn of revelation-centric gossip magazines, their counter-cultural aims might seem like a drop in the ocean. But, as the saying goes, the ocean is made up of many drops. If we show our support, who knows? We might have a revolution on our hands. 

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