Sunday, 7 April 2013

Magpie Moments

I've been luxuriating in a few days of free time and, now that it's winding down, it's humbling to sit back and reflect on how many life-altering things I've gleaned from in such a short space of time. Life-altering in lowercase: the kinds of things that allow someone else's genius or gift or perspective to rub off in a small way and spark or confirm an interest for me to carry forward.

In amongst a lot of eating and sleeping and that kind of conversational dreaming where I get to bounce ideas around with someone wonderful and be excited for all that could/should be, I've also been to exhibitions, watched documentaries, witnessed great art in at least three different forms. And I've finally organised a backlog of articles I've been building on-and-off over the last five or six years: articles on business, politics, women, social attitudes - things I agree with, things I don't; things I want to know more about, things that horrify me into remembering.

Sometimes I feel (probably too acutely for the tender age of 25) that life is too short for all the living it deserves. In that context it's encouraging to remember a Leonard Bernstein quote relayed to me recently by a good friend:

"To achieve great things, two things are needed:
a plan and not quite enough time."

I'm definitely giving it my best shot! It helps to have an abundance of examples to learn from.

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