Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Simple Pleasures

I bought this book for a friend's birthday but slightly wish I had a copy for myself: it's just such a good idea! Edited by Ivo Dawnay, it's a collection of short essays that celebrate "the small, often unconsidered things that make life worth living."And even though I haven't read it, just the concept itself has been enough to motivate me to be on the look out for the simple pleasures in my own life. It's a habit worth forming.

Today I want to celebrate travelling. Not back-packing or big adventures, but getting from A to B on coaches and trains. Alone, off-peak journeys of maybe an hour or two are my favourite: sitting next to a window, watching the scenery change, transitioning from towns to fields and back again, seeing the urban jig-saw of buildings and backstreets from new angles, skies shifting, all the while with some kind of soundtrack that speaks to my mood in the moment... it just makes my insides soar. I am literally transported. It's almost an out of body sensation - I feel like I'm flying.

And it's a treat. I don't close off like that all the time: I try not to overuse music to entertain and isolate me when I'm out and about because it can take away the chance to interact and make me dangerously unaware of my surroundings. But the times I do let myself be cocooned in a sound wall and watch the world rush past my window are...exhilarating. Definitely simple, but such a pleasure.

Simple Pleasures is a series celebrating everyday joys. 
Inspired by the National Trust book "Simple Pleasures: little things that make life worth living" edited by Ivo Dawnay

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