Monday, 20 July 2015

Fine, Thank You

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Sometimes I wonder whether I'm the only one who still has days that don't score ten out of ten?

You know: the days when you're a bit sweary on the inside but can be proud of yourself for keeping a lid on it. Or you're feeling a little flat, but it doesn't go so far as to make you self-absorbed - you're still fairly kind and okay company. The quiet days when you're without amazing things to say, when everything feels a sort of gentle ordinary - "not bad", "fine thank you".

And I am thankful. I'm really thankful that those days are allowed, acceptable and can be celebrated too. It's fine to be fine.

It is. Irrespective of what the facebook news-feed suggests, with its constant stream of comparison-inducing highlights: the births, engagements, holidays flushed with filters. Irrespective of the mad beauty of living in a city of perpetual strivers. Irrespective of the internal churn of goals and dreams. 

It's fine to be just fine.
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