Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Waiting for Christmas

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I’m so excited for Christmas this year.

This year it feels like it’s taken on a different dimension, an extra layer of resonance. I really relate to the things that other people have been writing about – their reflections on the hope of Christmas, a small but mighty light in the darkness: Emmanuel, God with us. With us in the chaos and cruelty, the beauty and triumph.

It feels like we’ve all been through a lot this year – so many things have happened that should have been unthinkable. I used to try and make a habit of listening to the radio with breakfast but these days I can’t take so much heartbreak so early on in the day.

I’m also living with elements of personal uncertainty at the moment. Some days I soar with elation in the face of the unknown. On other occasions, I’m more prone to self-pity with an unattractive tendency to swear at the people who make light of my disappointments. 

Because of all of those things, all my heart wants to do is spend time with Jesus. His beauty is unparalleled. His kindness is revolutionary. And He is here. For me, that makes all the difference.

“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed, 
save me and I will be saved, 
for you are the one I praise.” 
Jeremiah 17v14

That’s what I want this Christmas. Time with Jesus – the chance to be renewed by Love and come out on the other side of this season as a better version of myself, ready to take on the world. Ready to be counted again in our collective push for good, whole and worthwhile things in 2016.

Happy and merry to you and yours.

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