Thursday, 7 April 2016

Maya Angelou - Love Liberates

This video was shared to my Facebook feed, and it made me stop and think. I want to love like that.

There is such grace, such hugeness of character, in the lines towards the end where Dr Angelou admits that "you were a piss poor mother to small children, but a great, great mother to young adults". There's not an ounce of accusation in the tone of that observation. It is a matter of fact, not vilification.

It struck me that the liberty that love gives to others is not only a freedom to be where and what they are. It's also a freedom to fall short of our hopes, needs and expectations as a consequence. Sometimes people are inherently incapable of being who we want them to be. Sometimes the very heart of who they are means they will never quite fulfil the roles we want them to play in our lives.

Isn't it time for me to just be okay with that? Isn't it time to love from a place of acceptance, not judgment? Isn't it time to forgive? Because if I can genuinely love like that, I'll be liberated too.

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