about inklings & afterthoughts

This a personal project that I started not long after I turned 24. The aim was to document some of the thoughts and ideas that were making an impression on me as I tried to work out what kind of adult I wanted to be. In the transitions of graduation, marriage and (un)employment, I was continually on the hunt for encouragement and inspiration: examples of people I could set my compass by and attitudes I could adopt.

inklings & afterthoughts is essentially an online scrapbook 
of things I find thought-provoking and encouraging.  

Whether you read and love, or read and leave: Welcome

A handful of years and one hiatus later, I'm still writing about topics that catch my attention and still working out aspects of how I want to live. Although I try to keep up a regular rhythm of writing, I don't post frequently: I like to take time to mull issues over. And there are definite parameters to what I'm willing to discuss online. Mostly I find myself reflecting on the little lifestyle lessons: insights from the mundane, the frivolous or the overlooked things in life. Those thoughts might stem from books, magazines, music or being out and about. I write them down to remember them. And I share them partly to keep myself accountable: the idea that I've made a particular thought or aspiration public increases my chance of following through. I want that kind of integrity.

But I also share just in case. Because it might be that my inklings turn out to be relevant to someone else too.

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